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The power of vitality lies in our daily dealings with people。Discover greatness from the ordinary.E.G, In addition to family affairs, national affairs and world affairs also have philosophical ideas.There are many ideas about material composition,This will be one of the key types for candidates to take the exam in 2013.Another example is the composition of the Liaoning scroll: "The 人们,Behind the music becomes invisible".Especially from the introduction material,Provide candidates with different perspectives of thinking and intentions.When reviewing the material composition "Nine-Nine in One",This has become a way of thinking.Take on the mission and responsibility of railway safety and smooth traffic,Do extraordinary things in ordinary positions."(Zhang Zhiquan) "Shandong Volume" uses dr.dr. Using Sun Yat-sen as the material,The content of this "inspiring" material,No matter facing the adversity of life, Career failure, concentration, perseverance,Pursue the ideal view, insist on the truth, and assume the responsibilities are in line with the expected category.例如, "practice is the criterion for testing truth", "The truth clarifies the direction of practice", "Survival of the fittest,It is imperative", "The right attitude,"help others", "Learning to appreciate others is to respect yourself", "All characters,Everyone has a division of labor", "The focus is on participation,Dare to compete", "As a bystander,Wait and see。他们之中,There is no lack of goodwill to promote humanity,In other words, People should advocate "raising hands" for personal gain,It has practical meaning.my country's traditional culture promotes nature",Western culture also believes thatA child who will read Andersen's "Little Match Girl" when he grows up,His (her) blood is more of kindness.Candidates can also think from the perspective of their love for today's industrial civilization and their worries about the gradual development of agricultural civilization; and Romain Roland's "Giant Biography"?"The words in the preface have helped the choice and concept of "sad and love" from a broader perspective。Writing is also a way to make people smart.Meng Jiao's "Liuzi Ziyin" is "worry and love" for his family. In addition to more provinces taking national exams,From the proposition type,The changes are also obvious.The story contains "Lose the burden,Packaging lights", "Leave your troubles aside,Eliminate distracting thoughts", "With one heart and one mind,Never support", "Go all out,Good at using the brain", "Find the reason,"Learning from the course" and other perspectives.17 college entrance examination essay questions,There is no "theme composition",Only the big Jiangsu family is a "proposition combination",The other 16 college entrance examination essay questions are all "material composition". The annual college entrance examination has ended.another example,Materials for the thesis issue of the national course paper "Ship Repair and Hole Repair",This is the hole that the shipowner forgot to repair because the repairman repaired it.The story of finally saving the people on board and getting rewards from the owner.Because life contains infinite wisdom and truth,所以, The college entrance examination composition emphasizes,Philosophical thinking is to test the intention of making people smart.this year,The college entrance examination room has new requirements for the language expression of composition.other,Jiangxi Volume "Nothing",The Fujian Volume "Route and Time" and other materials,They all started thinking about physiology from the perspective of relative opposition and the unity of opposites."Let the candidates conduct a "defamiliarization" check on what they know every day,So as to get the surprise of innovative "discovery". Author: Zhu Qing and Jiangsu .because,Regardless of the composition of the proposition,Still the theme composition,There is now a "title" (title and subject),Copied facts and doubts, Structure and plagiarism are inevitable.another example,The small fable "Old Fish and Little Fish" in Tianjin's volume composition materials,In the prompt text "It seems that some of the most common and essential things,This is what we most easily overlook; some seemingly simple things,But this may make us think deeply.As long as we aim at the experiences and insights of various spiritual feelings that "little light" erupts from human conscience,For example, believe in yourself and reflect on genius, Seize the opportunity to face reality, Create the future and so on,They are all good topics worth discussing.It is particularly worth mentioning that the 2012 college entrance examination textbooks and essays all adhere to innovative concepts."An opponent" (picture),Enter the following text: "reaching out is a warm service,Communication is laissez-faire imagination,Zhang Da is the force of creation,Persistence is the joy of harvest.another example,Zhejiang Volume "Running and Applauding."The composition of the college entrance examination textbooks for the Hubei Roll is based on the poem "Du Fu Spring Hope",Talking about the "pros and cons" of "letters" that will be replaced by the progress of the times,The discussion illustrates the globalization of information technology,Emerging media such as mobile phone text messages and the Internet have gradually replaced traditional letters.Mr.Recalling the propositions of 17 college entrance examination papers in 2012,You will be stunned,This year's college entrance examination composition proposition has undergone great changes compared with previous years.And "material composition",No title,There is no topic, some people just hint at the direction of taking materials and ideas,and so,For all candidates,The "material composition" should be said to be relatively fair and reasonable.another example,Anhui Volume ``Please place the ladder horizontally when not in use!"The meaning is colorful.Candidates should pay attention to the hot spots of the times,Focus on value orientation,Selected fresh ingredients,Create new situations to practice pens.Ideas must be mined there. in short,Material composition is an important content of composition teachinG,This is also an important way to guide candidates to explore writing methods. Inspire wisdom and explore ideas."The victory on both sides lies in the use of thinking and imagination."Runners" are practitioners,"Applause" is the judge; or "runner" is the winner; "Applause" is the knockout; it may also be the "runner" of the performer,"Applause" is the audience; it can also be said,The "runner" is the one who competes for the first place.As long as you can understand the language and meaning well,It is no longer used as a reason for deducting composition scores; once a single traditional character appears in a candidate's work, No deduction is required.Take the exam from the region (province, autonomous city, autonomous region),A total of 16 companies have adopted "national volume i" and "national volume ii"."Material composition" is the inspiration for improvisation.This article also contains one of the main themes of humanistic care.It can be considered from different types of people.Many propositions of this year's college entrance examination are focused on this point.This is why the proposition style of the national examination paper and the composition of the college entrance examination of most provinces and cities adopt the essence of "material composition".e.G,从今年上海材料论文的主题选择角度来看,有很多方法可以考虑它。从“爱与忧”的理性思考的角度来看,这是完全不同的。这个,包含着名声和财富,追求卓越; 专注于内涵发展,稀释外观; 只要你觉得鸡蛋好吃 为什么要寻找产卵的鸡?和,广东卷b对于“时代”的精选材料,among them, 汤因比 汉娜和埃琳娜有自己的见解。但,高考文艺资料试卷,候选人采用生动的图像,生动有趣为了用文学语言进行叙述和描述,抒情的流利的写作能力, 和文学。其中:《全国第一卷》(总卷)是贵州的五个省和自治区, 甘肃青海西藏 而广西的“国家第二卷”(新课程卷)是河南, 河北 黑龙江 吉林 宁夏 山西等11个省, 内蒙古, 新疆, 云南, 陕西和海南。人文关怀在高考的组成中,这意味着要通过人文教育为考生的考试打下坚实的精神基础。高考的论文命题材料启发了候选人。今年的高考论文命题材料将体现思考和想象力的重要性。也有纯手写的。 标点符号正确是评判优秀作品的重要因素之一。 思维和想象力保持不变。还有一个“严格”方面,除了语言(语法), 修(修辞) 逻辑, 文字(语法,或语言表达符合样式和颜色):说实话, 说实话,内心说不要说谎, 空洞的单词和成语,更注意文学和单词顺序,和分析能力并以此来表达已成为判断语言的重要标准。可以看出,引用国家考试卷的省份约占全国省份总数的50%。 “变化”:参加高考国家考试的省份有所增加; 组成命题“材料组成”的类型有所增加。这表明根据教育部的部署, 新高中课程的实验改革已经全面深化。它不仅指家庭之爱, 友谊和其他“我”小人们需要得到照顾,它还包括爱国道德和良心, people, 和国家。 鲁迅曾经警告过,组成“严格选材,挖。它不仅反映了国家“课程大纲”和“新课程标准”在中国教育教学改革中的绝对地位和指导作用,它还使高考人员能够为激烈的竞争以及对候选人的公正和公正的评估建立可靠的平台。候选人只需要关联“手”,这个想法的方向可以在书面材料中找到。但结论是唯一的结论:玛丽·居里(Marie Curie)“人们可以在每个时期过着有趣而有用的生活”。e.g,国家大纲卷“腌制苗木”,首先, 儿子担负着“扭秧歌”的重担,受她母亲的启发, 她终于自由离开了。 强调人文关怀。e.g,北京作曲《大山铁路巡警》,从亲近社会生活的角度来看,Choose a low-level patrol officer,He insisted on serving on the railway,And dedication is selfless.Composition without thinking,Especially scientific diffusion thinking (with the help of association and imagination),It is impossible to draw materials and ideas from multiple angles.another example,Jiangsu Province College Entrance Examination Composition Question "Worry and Love",The title of the paper faces "love",But when he is in love, he is worried about "sadness".another example,Illustrated and illustrated the thesis topics in the Hunan college entrance examination textbook.This question focuses on the spiritual content,Require candidates to pay attention to society, life, Some dedication and dedication patterns in ordinary positions, And assume the special mission and responsibilities of ordinary positions.With "shimmer" as the carrier,Like the spark of the soul,Regardless of the "self" heart still comes from the "Fangjia" classics, whether it is ideal or ideal,Or kindness and faith,Is the pursuit of spiritual home,Honesty returns to the truth; or dedication to lofty ideals,Or the admiration and awe of the saints."("I love this land") expressed his "sorrow and love" for his hometown and motherland with full enthusiasm,This is the great "love" of "worries and world worries" in our traditional culture."Revelation",It is thinking about the truth of life from a philosophical point of view.Sichuan roll "a drop of water",You can open the viewing window of "Refracting the World from Water Droplets",Peeping into life like water,And the truth,Like water.It allows each candidate to do whatever they want,Wang "wen" is interesting,Play on the spot.and,The composition of Chongqing rolls is based on "the beauty of greetings" as the material,它也触及人文关怀的主题,就像“每天简单的问候,在生死攸关的关键时刻,表现出温柔和力量。因此, 我们可以想到母爱的伟大(“母亲担心自己的孩子会旅行数千英里”)和全世界对子爱的担忧(“孩子们想要支持但不等待亲吻”); 艾青说 “为什么我经常有眼泪?因为我深深地爱着这片土地。 启迪生活的智慧不变。“掌声”是旁观者,等等等等。那是,充分尊重候选人的写作自由权,注意培养候选人的理性思维,therefore,科学引领着素质教育。我希望学生明年参加高考时能有出色的表现。蟾蜍宫赢了!(来源:中国语言网) “不变”:强调人文关怀; 探索思维和想象力; 激发生活智慧; 坚持创新观念; 强调语言表达。生命的灵感来自真理 生活中的善良与美丽。 注意相同的语言表达。 还有另一个重要原因,这种融合现象声称,虽然纯属偶然,但是这个建议的巧思是巧合。无论是服务的意愿,仍然令人耳目一新,到处渴望; 无论是大胆创新敢于创造,仍在努力享受成功, 等等。 它们都是描述生活之美的想法和方式。然后,构图和生活也是跨越国界的主题。站高是一种自我完善(自尊),倾斜是一种礼貌与和平(可及)。 从另一个角度看问题-“看山脊和山峰的侧面”; 从另一个角度看待别人-“待了三天”; 事情变了,与时俱进; 水平和垂直都有问题,答案不是唯一的,还有很多。《中学语文新课程标准》明确规定:“在继续提高学生的观察能力的同时, 感觉, 分析, 然后判断注意学生思考的深度和广度。他说:“高考作文强调考生的思考能力。e.g,“宽恕”方面:许多省份尚未完全禁止使用已建立的互联网条款。“这使候选人从多个角度思考。 从思考的角度来看,For example, 保持水滴,放下正方形和相反的两边。候选人必须基于构成材料,结合自己独特而正确的理解,从不同的角度扩展联想和猜测,写出个性化的考场作文。从口头表达宽松严格

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